What does a dirty car says about you?

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

What does a dirty car say about you?

This is the hardest blog I’ve had to write so far.

When our vehicle is really dirty there are always good reasons why. We are super busy, juggling kids, work, long commute, sports and countless other responsibilities. #nojudgement

But when it gets so bad that you feel embarrassed when you unexpectantly have to give a friend a ride, know that they are feeling uncomfortable too. And the dirty car is sending a message out to others. Your vehicle is an extension of you; it’s a representation of yourself. If you don’t believe me then think about why Lexus, Porsche, Mazaratti exist when everyone could drive a Corolla and still get where they need to go.

To say the least it projects a degree negligence. If there’s rotting food and strange smells, then sorry for the spoiler alert, but your passengers are grossed out. And honestly, you should be too because it creates a breeding ground for mold.

And a dirty vehicle takes a toll on you the driver as well. An acquaintance told me that his dad says “if you’re looking through a dirty windshield you’re seeing the world dingier. It makes you view of life distorted.” I don’t know if that’s too philosophical, but I definitely think there’s some truth it. Clutter is stressful. Trips are longer and kids behave worse when the car is dirty. OK maybe I’m taking some liberties with my explanation.

So if you’re not so concerned with what the “Jones’” think of you or your car, keep it clean for your own pleasure. Make a great impression on others and enjoy the luxury of riding in clean style…no matter what make and model you have.

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