How Long Does Wax Last?

One question I’ve heard all too often is “how long does this wax last?”. This question was asked , and continues to be asked by detailers across the world, but why. Our customers rarely ask that question, and the answer is, it depends.

As a professional Detailer your providing a service to your customers, and it’s important for you to be profitable in doing so. A wax has the least curb appeal, lowest price, least durability, and the most weaknesses of our LSP choices. A well maintained, garage kept waxed car can provide 6 months or more of protection. Wash that same car with a high PH soap, take it through a touch less car wash, or expose it to high heat and that same wax could only last a week.

Next are sealants. These are basically synthetic waxes. The advantages are generally they are longer lasting, easier to apply, and more cost effective. But again they are susceptible to the same items as waxes, their life span depends on maintenance.

If your customer asks you how long each lasts, you’re 1/2 way to closing a coating sale, and providing your customers with a more cost effective higher value service. In general if a customer ever asks, waxes last 1-3 months, sealants 3-6. If your customer has any math skills, they will soon figure out that a coating has more value, it costs less in the long run.

With all that said, go to any detailing Facebook group and you will read the same basic questions, “what’s the best wax”, “how long does it last”, which one is glossiest”. All 3 of those questions have the same answer, it doesn’t matter. As a professional you should be asking which wax is the easiest to use and which wax has the lowest cost per use.

Your customers are not comparing wax A with wax B, they are comparing their car when they dropped it off to when you give it back to them. They know a wax isn’t eternal, that a sealant won’t last until they sell the car, and they don’t expect that.

What they know is they are bringing their car to a trusted professional, one that uses quality products. Stop wasting your time comparing the gloss of waxes and sealants, instead compare how effective they are, how much time and effort they take to use, and their cost per use. A $50 bottle of sealant might actually cost less than a $10 gallon of wax. If the sealant takes you 10 mins to apply, and the wax takes you 30, time is money, so that wax is actually much more expensive.

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