What Won't a Ceramic Coating Do for Your Vehicle?

You heard about the newest craze of coating your car to a glorious slickness and now you’re considering it. It’s a big decision considering the price tag. But there is A LOT of hype and over-promising around coatings. No one can deny that they give unrivaled shine and make cleaning your car the coolest thing since paying for your gas at the pump and not inside (yes, I’m old enough that there weren’t credit card readers on gas pumps when I started driving).

So here’s a list of what a ceramic coating will NOT do for your car.

  1. Coated glass is not chip proof.

  2. Coated paint still has to be washed

  3. It is not scratch proof. Run a key down it and you WILL get a scratch

  4. It doesn’t make you more sexy. Sorry!!

What is true then?

  1. A coated vehicle stays cleaner longer.

  2. You will not have to wax it again.

  3. A TRUE ceramic coating will not need to be reapplied annually. If you’re being told it needs to be reapplied then you’re looking at a supercharged sealant, not a ceramic coating.

  4. It does add value to your vehicle. If you’re looking a reputable coating upon installation it is reported to CARFAX, and like any other upgrade it factors into its resale/trade-in value

  5. It is chemical resistant.

  6. You might FEEL smarter than the average car owner.

Hopefully that helps in the decision making process.And getting back to the cost investment, there are true ceramic coatings to fit virtually any budget.For the DIYer I recommend Gloss Coat which you can buy from Amazon or Optimum for about $70 and apply it yourself. Pro level coatings can only be purchased by authorized installers and come with warranties.Paint Guard is a great entry level option with a 2 year warranty starting at $600 with single stage paint correction. OptiCoat Pro and Pro+ come with a 5 and 7 year warranties respectively.

What can you coat?

  1. Clear coated automotive paint on any kind of vehicle

  2. Fabric – to prevent unsightly staining

  3. Metal – think chrome bumpers or unpainted rims

  4. Glass windshields – the best kinds are chip resistant

  5. Rims

  6. Headlights – no more yellow foggy headlights

  7. Plastic Trim

  8. Leather seats – one of my favorite things to coat!!

Personally, I think coating your leather or leather-like seats are the most important part of the interior to coat. This will prevent the cracked and peeling seats.

I hope this blog helps to debunk some of the myths and hoopla around coatings. A ceramic coated vehicle is a thing of beauty and an absolute pleasure to maintain. What it is not is bullet-proof. If you are hearing claims that sound too good to be true then, yes, they’re too good to be true. And as a wise friend once told me “expectation leads to disappointment.” My goal in this article was to manage your expectations and keep them realistic. If you haven’t seen and touched a coated car in person, I highly recommend you contact your local detailer and ask to see their vehicle. Because seeing is believing.

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