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What are the Benefits of Ceramic Coating?


What are the benefits of ceramic coating?

Does ceramic coating live up to the hype?

What are the pros and cons of ceramic coating?

Is a ceramic coating worth it?

Is ceramic coating the best form of protection?


Let’s make this as simple and concise as possible. 


1. Ceramic Coating gives your car a sacrificial layer against damage

It’s no force-field. But since we added a very thin hard layer of it to the surface, should you get a scratch once we buff it out we are actually removing the coating and a minimal amount of the vehicle's clear coat underneath.


2. Ceramic coated vehicles are very easy to wash because of the hydrophobic properties, water wants to run right off, taking dirt with it.  So wash time is cut in half. And it’s pretty fun watching the water roll off.

3. Ceramic coating keeps the front end from getting etched up with bug splatter

This is because it’s chemical impervious to acids like bug guts and bird poop won’t etch the surface. That being said, please don’t neglect the car. Wash it at least once a month.  

4. Ceramic coating saves on money on regular rewaxes

Based on the durability of the coating you choose, you won’t need a reapplication for years. There’s coatings that range anywhere from 1-10 years in durability.  We currently offer 3, 5 and 7 year coatings. (We do carry a 10 year coating, with a lifetime warranty, but that one does require annual decontamination washes and inspection to keep the warranty valid

5. Ceramic coating makes removing unexpected contaminates easy

Ever drive down a road to find out it was recently recovered with black top and you can hear the tar splattering all over the sides? Yes, we have all been there.  It will take a little elbow grease to get it off, but about 75% less than if it was unprotected with a ceramic coating.


A customer once ran over freshly painted yellow road striping. This stuff is meant to bind permanently to the surface and last for years. 90% came off with a simple spray and wipe. The rest we gently clayed off.  

OK so with all these benefits, what’s the catch? There’s got to be drawbacks? Yes, we never want to overhype or over promise. Should you choose to ceramic coat your vehicle we want you to know everything it will do and what it can’t do. 


Read about the cons of ceramic.

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