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Does detailing get rid of scratches?

If you like spending more time in the backwoods than the boardroom, you've probably earned yourself some good ol' Texas pin stripes on your trusty truck. 

Now, the burning question is: Can car detailing work its magic on them scratches and get your ride looking fine again? Well, saddle up, and let's break it down for you.

The short answer is YES.  Detailing can reduce or eliminate scratches on your car or truck.  But it’s important that you pick the right service to get that done.  Not all detailing packages will address scratches.  

The package at Clean Car that will address scratches is the Deluxe Detail.

It includes a one step polish that will revive the shine of your car, if it’s looking dull or has mild scratches. 

If there’s more issues, like deeper scratches or lots of swirls on the paint then we can do a more aggressive polish.  The more passes we do with different grade pads and compound the more refined the paint gets.  

Pricing these requires we see the vehicle in person.  We’ll inspect the current condition, listen to your goals on how shiny you want it to get and make our recommendations.  

Let’s say you want it better, but aren’t concerned with perfection, we can definitely do that.  But what if you want a mirror finish on a truck that’s already 10 years old and has tons of scratches.  We’ll steer you away from that because the older the paint is,

The less clear coat is on the surface for us to work with.  The price would be high because o the time involved and the 

Risk of burning through the clear is very high.  In a case like that we’d recommend you invest in a repaint because the results would last so much longer.

No two vehicle’s paint are in exactly the same condition and then we pair the polish with your desired results.  

So if reducing scratches on your car or truck is on your mind, bring it by the shop and we’ll give you a no obligation quote!

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