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How to get the stubbornest odor out of our vehicle

Due to a series of unfortunate events you find yourself with a bad smell in your car 

After a deep dive of YouTube research you’re left with more conflicting information than solutions.  We’ll break down what ozone is, when it’s needed in a detail as well as what results to expect. 

First of all, let’s cover the science of ozone:

Ozone is a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms. It possesses remarkable oxidizing properties. When introduced into an environment, it reacts with various substances, that neutralizes odors, eliminates bacteria, and breaks down pollutants. This makes it an invaluable tool for car detailing, where unwanted odors can take root and linger.

Why Ozone Treatment?

1. Stubborn Odors:

   Picture this – you've just acquired a pre-loved car, and the lingering scent of cigarette smoke or pet odors from the previous owner refuses to budge. Ozone treatment comes to the rescue, breaking down the smoke particles and eradicating that stubborn odor.

2. Mold and Germs:

   If you've had a moisture issue, perhaps from a leak or spilled drink, mold and germs may have found a cozy home in your car. Ozone treatment is a potent solution, effectively killing these unwelcome guests and ensuring a healthier interior.

3. Urine or Rotting Food Odors:

   Accidents happen – a forgotten bag of groceries or a pet mishap can leave your car smelling less than pleasant. Ozone treatment not only neutralizes these odors but also eliminates the bacteria causing them.

The Importance of a Thorough Detail:

Now, let's be crystal clear – ozone treatment is not a shortcut; it's the final step to eliminating stubborn odors. Simply put, it's not enough to temporarily clear the odor; you must eliminate its source for a lasting result.

   Before the ozone treatment, identify and remove the source of the odor. Whether it's a spilled drink, food residue, or a hidden mold colony, removing the cause is the first step to a fresh-smelling car.

   A proper detail involves deep cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. We use a combination of enzymatic cleaners and nature based germ killers.  Ozone works best in a clean environment, maximizing its efficacy in neutralizing odors and eradicating germs.

   After the cleaning and ozone treatment, allow for proper ventilation to dissipate any remaining ozone. This ensures a safe and effective process, leaving your car smelling as good as new.

It is possible for the odor to return. 

Here in our shop occasionally we have to do a second treatment.  We've never had to retreat a smelly vehicle more than 3 times to completely eliminate the odor.

As well as allowing any last bit of moisture from the cleaning and extracting phase to completely evaporate. 

The goal is not just a good smelling vehicle but clean air quality for yourself and your loved ones. That’s why more than a regular cleaning is needed when there’s extra odor presenting issues.

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